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We help to enhance and evolve your BI and analytics practices to keep pace with the evolving technological landscape and business requirements. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and overall effectiveness of your BI systems, enabling you to extract more value from your data and make better-informed decisions.

How we can help

Modernising BI infrastructure

You can speed your analytics journey by using our unified data platform solution to improve the speed, scalability, and accessibility of data analytics across your organisation.

Data Governance and Integration

Enhance data governance by standardising data definitions, maintaining data quality, and integrating data from various systems for comprehensive analytics.

Self-Service Analytics

User-friendly interfaces and easy-to-understand dashboards enable non-technical users to explore data and generate insights independently. Increased accessibility and productivity by enabling access to reports and dashboards from mobile devices.

Machine Learning and AI Integration

Easily integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into your BI process to enhance predictive and prescriptive analytics. Automate tasks, predict future trends, and gain deeper insights from your data to uncover valuable insights.

Real-time Analytics

Introduce real-time data processing and analytics capabilities so your data citizens can access and analyse up-to-date information, making quicker and more informed decisions to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Data Visualization Enhancements

Improved data visualisation techniques and tools to present data in a more engaging and insightful manner help users understand complex data and identify patterns easily.

Agile and Iterative Analytics

Adopt an agile and iterative approach to analytics. You are able to continuously refine your analytical models, strategies, and processes based on ongoing feedback and ever changing business needs.

A modern analytics infrastructure allows you to handle vast volumes of structured and unstructured data from various sources, including social media, IoT devices, and other data streams. You can leverage predictive and prescriptive modelling techniques to forecast future trends and recommend optimal actions. The entire data access is democratised - putting data and insights directly into the hands of decision-makers.

Technologies we work with

We have helped organasitions improve customer experience through data, connected IoT devices to improve operational efficiency, leverage machine learning to automate processes, and much more. Whether you’re looking to migrate and modernise your database or data warehouse to Azure or would like to leverage Microsoft’s latest AI and Machine Learning models to optimise your processes or customer experience, UXLI’s Azure experts can help.

Partner with us to manage your data better

Find out how you can benefit from he latest tools and functionalities, real-time insights, self-service capabilities, and advanced data processing techniques.

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