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Leverage existing investments from your SAP Landscape while taking advantage of the latest cloud & visualisation technologies.

What is XD2C?

XD2C is a fully configurable solution to extract, manage and automate the creation of Data Lake and Data Warehouse in the cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP). With a no-code centralised environment, XD2C-S allows data analysts and scientist to explore SAP data without requiring deep knowledge of SAP ERP system. XD2C-S is deployed within customer’s network allowing full control on security and access of the application.

XD2C-S is a product designed by UXLI to take the customer’s data platform to the next level by integrating SAP systems into the most modern data architecture, enabling data products and business applications.

Give your business a competitive advantage

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Clear, easy, straightforward path for your SAP Data into the datalake


Cuts implementation time from months to days

Data Warehouse

In built Data Warehouse with predefined data models & visualisations

Lower TCO


Choice Of Cloud

Choose between AWS, AZURE or GCP


uild your own flexible data models

Almost every business has suffered from lack of quick & fast insights to aid quality decision making. Even where organisations have dared to embrace new technologies, they have been confounded by the choices they are having to make – selecting the right technology cloud platform, available expertise in the chosen technology, implementation time & costs & the successful outcome of the entire endeavour!

Tightly coupled data warehouse (such as SAP BW) offer valuable analytical capabilities, only when data is structured. They are buckling under the immense pressure of integrating semi & unstructured data – which are equally valuable to modern organisations.

End-to-End Data Integration Solution

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