Energy Supplier Benefits

– from fully integrated business intelligence and planning solution


Our client was a leading Energy supplier in Europe. The company was implementing a complex programme to transform its Finance function, aiming at providing better support to the business and improving its operational efficiency. The programme covered every function in Finance, such as transaction processing, planning, management reporting, and performance management.

As part of the programme, new Business Intelligence and Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (PBF) processes were being introduced to allow:

  • Better, clearer and more transparent links between strategic principles and operations – clear visibility of how top-down group targets drive business unit plans
  • A common and integrated planning process, adopted by all business units
  • Transparency to promote enhanced business responsibility and accountability
  • Reduced planning and reporting timelines
  • More accurate and credible reports with less use of Excel spreadsheets


The Finance Transformation Programme was a high-profile and strategic project for our client who resourced the team with best of breed consultancies with proven successes in their fields of expertise. They were looking for partners with technology expertise as well as deep understanding of processes and best practices. Proven project management capability was also important.

UXLI Consulting took responsibility for the Business Intelligence and PBF work streams, which included:

New processes and technology supporting Planning

  • Group standard and business unit specific driver based models
  • Automatic calculation of financial KPIs
  • 24-month rolling forecasts
  • 10 year strategic planning
  • Multi-currency planning
  • More than 150 users

New processes and technology for Reporting

  • Group standard and business unit specific KPIs
  • Automation of financial KPIs
  • Multiple executive dashboards
  • Set of group common management reports


The delivery of the project on time, to budget and with the desired scope enabled our client to achieve all expected benefits. The solution is enabling more transparent, integrated and streamlined Business Intelligence and PBF processes including:

  • New BI technology provided clear visibility between strategic targets and business unit financial plans.
  • New Planning technology gave easy access to transparent plans – all business units now plan on a single and integrated tool.
  • The original Planning effort and timescales have been reduced by 50%.
  • Visible reduction on the use of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Less maintenance
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