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Connected Data

It is no secret that organisations can make more from their data resources. Data harmonisation is still not the biggest for a majority of them. As a result, internal data is still being captured in different ways, in disparate systems often leading to inconsistencies and creating a challenge for integration and / or merging. Data harmonisation is also hampered because of latent data

At UXLI, we understand the importance of interoperable and connected data. Our solutions are based on the latest technical advancements and focus on eliminating manual interventions for data capture or harmonisation. Our approach ensures that datasets are comprehensive, insightful, flexible and responsive so that new insights can be generated continuously.

Typical state of Organisations:

  • No common data framework - Data stored in Silos
  • Data Disconnected
  • No consistent logic across datasets
  • Differing perspectives, priorities, and requirements by line of business

UXLI Solutions Improve in the following ways:

  • Introduction of uniform data services
  • Increased data connectivity for seamless integration into any use case
  • Delivers a high-quality, ready-to-use set of data
  • Flexible and meaningful insights, decisions and results
  • Advanced Analytics Foundation - become smarter, more productive, and better at making predictions
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